Friday, October 26, 2007

Its Raining! Use an Umbrella,Stupid!!!

Please forgive me for the Gen X language in the title of this post, but that is the ONLY way I can get your attention! Here in North Carolina, we are FINALLY getting some rain. As I was waiting at my sons' bus stop, I noticed the rain coming down. My sons in their brilliance and genius; were standing in the Rain! I said to them, "GET AN UMBRELLA, GENIUS!" Of course, they were not prepared, so they stood under a tree.
This is a simple example on the use of umbrellas. We don't buy them to look cute. We purchase them to use ONLY when it rains. In the insurance field, we have umbrellas also. They can protect you from bad situations(when it rains).
A personal umbrella is an extension of liability insurance from the underlying Auto and/or Home Insurance policies. They are very useful in protecting your personal assets from major claims. If you are driving without a personal umbrella, you are leaving your personal assets at risk in case of a major accident. If the accident damages are more than your liability limits on your auto policy, then you will begin to pay out of YOUR POCKET. The other party in the accident could potentially garnish your wages, file judgements, liens against you, or etc to collect the damages. You are probably saying," Well, I am a safe driver I don't need an umbrella!" That is a perfect reason to purchase one! The rates are inexpensive for good drivers! So why not provide extra asset protection for dollars or cents per day! If you are in North Carolina, go to to receive more info on Personal Umbrellas. If you are not in North Carolina, call your local Property and Liability Agent and ask about a Personal Umbrella..before it rains!

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