Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wake Up Your Sleeping Assets

How to Build Wealth Using Sleeping Assets!

We all know that we need to save money for retirement. There are several rules that we need to consider while saving for retirement.

First of all, we need to factor how much we need to place aside each month for the money to compound. Here is an example: If I gave you a penny or One Cent each day; and doubled it for 30 days, how much money would you have on the 30th day? The answer: well over $1 to $2 million dollars! Why is that? That is the principle of compounding.

Let’s take this concept one step further: What would happen if I gave you $10 on day one? How much money would you have on day 30? The answer: more than the $1-$2 million from the penny!

The key to these two examples is the fact that more money have to invest, the quicker it will double to your retirement or financial goals. Unfortunately, most people don’t have enough to start with the one cent!

We are teaching individuals how to start on the compounding curve with MORE money! How is that possible? Well for starters, if you are a homeowner, you potentially could retire with $1.2 million dollars if you structured your $200k home loan correctly. If you are a business owner, you could start your retirement account with $1,000,000 if you qualified! Your compounding would begin on the $1 million dollars from day one!

You are probably saying….wait a minute! There has to be a catch! Of course there is! Here is the catch….you will need to contact our office for a FREE no obligation consultation on this concept to see if you qualify. Call 888-853-5293 and leave a message requesting information on Leveraged Wealth Report. We will gladly send it out to you! Also you can register at

Just think, you could potentially start NOW with $1,000,000 in your retirement account! Why wait! Contact us NOW and review the FREE information!

Wake up those Sleeping Assets, and build your family’s future…NOW!

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