Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wealth Building for a Business Owner

Everyone knows that one of the secrets of building wealth is through ownership of a business. There are many different businesses that are successful, and plenty that are in the graveyard. Somewhere in between, there is the businessperson that is struggling to make payroll and other overhead expenses. Business owners have to retire at some point also. Their plan is usually to sell the business and retire. The problem is that most business start ups require a lot of capital. It may be years before that they can save for retirement. The longer the wait; the larger the monthly contribution for retirement.
What happens if their is a way to borrow the money for retirement? Great idea, right?
Let's think for a second, If I loan you 1 cent and allow it to double for 30 days, you would have over several million dollars. What happens if you start with $1,000,000? That is what business owners could have! Here are some key points to think about with this type of loan:
1. No personal guarantee-Guaranteed by the idle asset in the business
2. Simple Interest payback
3. Your money grows in a Triple compound environment!
4. Payback in 10,15, or 20 year periods.
5. Investment has a minimum guaranteed rate of return, loss of principle is zero!
6. Potential of Tax Free income for life at retirement
7. Potential of Income for life at retirement

Many business owners are taking advantage of this type of loan using idle business assets as collateral. This loan gives them the jump start needed to create a retirement income!
If this type of account is interesting, go to and register. You will need to fill out in the comment section, Business Asset Leveraging info. We can contact you to provide FREE information regarding this program.

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