Saturday, May 3, 2008

“How You Can Cut Your Income Tax By 40% As You Double Your Wealth”

Did you know that you can virtually eliminate current state taxes that average (9%) and Federal (31%) income tax from your investments? That’s right. You can. And there’s an added benefit. At the same time you can double your wealth. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what millions of Americans are doing today. How? Through an investment called a tax-deferred annuity. An annuity is a fantastic investment and a “must” strategy if you’re in a higher tax bracket or live in a high-tax state. It’s the best way I’ve found for you to keep more of your own money.You see, a fixed annuity allows your money to compound your interest tax-free. You don’t pay a single dime in taxes until you withdraw your money. Because you pay no current tax, you’ve got at least 40% more (what you save in taxes) to reinvest. To invest, so your money multiples faster. But if you really want to get a gain on your money, you’ll want to check out the index annuities. You get the upside of the Stock Market and no down side. Many of this safe Tax Deferred Savings plans have been averaging 8% for the last half dozen years.

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