Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taxes and Inflation

The largest expense in your working life time that will be incurred is Taxes. It is greater than HealthCare, Gas, Oil, College Education or anything else. The other "Tax" is Inflation. These two expenses will eat up your retirement savings. You must overcome these two monsters during your working years? How do you beat them? The funds must grow in an enviorment that will BEAT both moochers. The enviorment must have a interest rate that is greater than inflation, it must grow where the growth on your money is TAX FREE. 401(k) plans can offer this type of benefit, but what happens when you retire? The money is taken out, and are taxed. If you are paying attention to this current Election cycle, the definition of Rich keeps being redefined. Why save all your life to find out that you are RICH, and to have Uncle Sam take up to 50% annually from your retirement savings?? That does not sound fair? These 401(k) accounts can change based on Congress, since they the ability to leavy taxes on the citizens. Congress through their extreme demogougary, will keep re defining who is rich. If that happens at your retirement, what options do you have? Currently, the possibility of having the redefinition of "rich" may happen. Many Baby Boomers will LOSE their HARD EARNED RETIREMENT SAVINGS to the IRS.
This is the secret tax that nobody really understands how it reduces your retirement funds. The prices of things over time will increase in value. This means the money saved in the account will lose value because it will take MORE money to buy things in the future. This is VERY insidious, and there is a deeper meaning why this takes place. With the combination between Taxes and Inflation, the Baby Boomers have pleanty to worry about. There are options available! Call me at 888-853-5293 for options that can provide TAX FREE Retirement, and your money will not loose its value regardless of the perfomance of the stock market!!!