Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bailout..What the Hell For?

AIG, Banks, etc..Bailout of Banks and Finance Companies all getting the handout from the Government. Now Auto companies are asking the same thing. What Gives? How does this impact you and your wallet? Well for starters, people are mad about this handouts, but this aint the first time. The Government ALL READY gives out welfare for Businesses, and Individuals. These entitlements are about 60%-70% of the existing Federal Budget. We keep thinking that the Government has an unlimited supply of money, it owns NOTHING.

Now how does this impact your wallet? It reduces the value of the dollar in your savings. This is why you need to be an investor. As long as money is being spent by the Federal Government (unconstitutionally by the way), you dollars will go down in value. This causes a general rise in prices..aka inflation. When investing, you must beat Taxation and Inflation. These to twins in crime reduce your ability to invest. So when the President says,"I will invest into infrastructure or whatever FREE BE; stop and think. How is he investing into this project? Where is the money coming from? Is it coming from Private investors? The answer the Owns Nothing, it gets its money from the its citizens viz a viz taxation.

Why not allow its citizens to invest the money themselves? Why cant we learn about investing and do it ourselves? It has already been proven that most money invested on our own will out perform Social Security? We should be able to invest in our own hard earned cash? Why cant we as citizens make their own Changes? Every dollar the Government spends, we lose the ability to be able to spend for ourselves or invest for our families.

My hope is that President Obama and Congress will allow us citizens to invest into our own infrastructure. My guess is that President and Congress will NOT allow this. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. I dont see President Obama or Congress allowing the Citizens the choice to make our own "Change".

So with these bailouts, why not allow give the citizens and small business owners a bailout? Allow us to keep more of out money by reducing taxes and getting out of our wallets. With this Tax Bailout, we can save and invest for the future. Businesses AND individuals should not be rewarded for bad choices. Even if those choices where FORCED by the Iron hand of the Federal Government.

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