Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can I Make money when the market goes Down?

Is this true? Is this statement just a why to hook you into this article? Well kinda sorta, but what if it was true? Right now, many people are opening up their 401k plan statements thinking that it is suffering from anemia. The stock market has been providing some bad circumstances for many investors. So are you looking for an alternative to the stock market right now? Look for Fixed or Equity Indexed type products! If you have a variable universal life insurance product, try looking at the Equity Index product. You can indirectly participate in the market via an external index(S&P, Foreign Exchange index, etc) and still not lose money! What! That is right! not lose any money!!!
Lets explore how it works. With an Equity Index product, you can receive most of the upside of the performance of a stock or equity type investments without the loss of principle or money. In many cases, you can still get a guarantee of 0%-3% on the money when the market is going down or in a negative direction. That is a great deal! For example, let's supposed that I have $200k in an account. $100 k goes into the equities market, and $100k goes into my index account/product. Lets assume the equities market account goes down 20%, the account balance is around $80k. My index account is around $103k! So even when the market goes down, I sill make MONEY with my equity index account/product. If the equities market does 11%, my equities account goes up 11%($8,800) and my Equity Index account/product goes up 11% also. You can see the advantage with having this type of product or account. You can have the best of both worlds! Why not take advantage of this type of product! In this market, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and find out more on this product! If this product interests you, get some free information on this product from or call my 24 hour info hotline at 888-853-5293.

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