Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is why you DONT have extra money to Save!!

This video is explains why most Americans dont have money to save.  The creator of inflation is the Federal Reserve.  We can take a lesson from history.  

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Tax Free Estate Transfer..what is that?

Looking to leave a legacy? Looking to leave a LARGE estate for your heirs?  What happens if you don't have the money or wealth to pass on to your family? There is a way to create a large estate for your heirs without breaking your wallet! Here are some highlights for this unique way of passing down an estate:

  • Tax-Free Transfer-No Estate Tax is assessed
  • The options can be given in a lump sum or stretched out over time
  • In some cases, the wealth created in the estate can be accessed while the person is alive.
This product can be used to create generational wealth!  Just think a tax free transfer of wealth!  What is this product?  Well before revealing what this product is..lets talk about some other concerns that people have.  
With the estate tax, all your assets will taxed at time of death.  This tax must be met within 9 months of your death. People who have holdings in Liquid Assets will have to liquidate a portion of their portfolio to pay this tax.  Individuals that have a holdings in Real Estate will have to attempt to liquidate a portion of their holdings to satisfy this tax.  This strategy may sound good on the surface, but what happens if the market is down at the time of death? The IRS does not care what the market conditions are!  They will collect their monies by any means necessary!  This problem is not exclusive to "Rich" people.  It happens to middle class Americans all the time. The solution to this problem is basically a phone call away.  So if the solution is that close, where does one go to find the solution to these problems? 
The phone call can go to your local life insurance agent.  A life insurance policy can be used to create a tax free estate. The beneficiaries can opt to take a lump sum or receive the settlement as an annuity(installment).  There are other settlement options also available(all options are not totally tax free). Life insurance can be used while alive, owners can pull out cash accumulation for various needs while alive! For individuals who have estate tax problems, life insurance can be used to offset any potential estate tax liabilities! If set up correctly, Life Insurance proceeds can in the family for generations! So life insurance can do solve these problems..and more!  To find out how life insurance can solve your problems, call us at 888-853-5293 for a free analysis!