Sunday, May 31, 2009

Your 401k plan sucks BIG TIME!

Why are people putting money in a system that DOES NOT PROTECT THEM against downside risk? They have been lied to by these TV financial Experts: Suze Orman, et al. Mutual Funds have NO ability to protect the investor against downside risk. Mutual Funds are extremely risky because the owner has not ability to move around the money. 
401k plans are big time investment traps. In my honest opinion, they provide the investor ZERO Tax Savings! You will pay more in taxes than taxes saved your participation in the plan! For example, a client will contribute money into his/her 401k plan, and receive the tax deduction for the contribution. During his/her working years, the money grows tax free(without any guarantees of loss of money). At retirement, the money is pulled out, and taxed at the current tax bracket. How does the financial Genius Suze Orman know what tax bracket you are going to be at during retirement? She has no clue! The client will run out of money with in 7-9 years of withdrawing the money.  This is a BIG SCAM, but people continue to place their hard earned money into this crap hole. Please watch this video,  and call me NOW at 888-853-5293, for a better way to save and accumulate wealth.