Saturday, August 15, 2009

SHOCKING NEW PROGRAM IS REVEALED! LEARN Secrets on Auto insurance Savings!

If you live in the State of NC, you can have a major accident;save money on your Auto Insurance AND be forgiven! That is right! You can get into an accident and the insurance company will NOT charge you for the accident! It is called Accident forgiveness. You have seen the commercials advertised Nationally by David Palmer(The guy who is the President from the Show "24"). In the State of NC, there are NO companies that carry this feature, ONLY ONE! Call 866-846-4901 to find out which company is doing this program in the State of NC. All companies must file their rates with the State of NC, only ONE company is GIVING away money like this!!!
How accident forgiveness works is this: After setting it up on your policy, it will cover the ENTIRE policy! If you or any over your drivers are involved in an accident, the insurance company will not CHARGE you for an accident! This means MORE cash in your pocket if you are involved in an accident! NO CHARGE for points! That is better than Cash For Clunkers!
How do you find out more information about this AWESOME program? Call 866-846-4901 for more details. Ask for information on the Accident Forgiveness package. This package includes also minor violation forgiveness also! This could potentially save you money, and keep MORE cash in your pocket if you are ever in an accident! Call 866-846-4901 for more FREE info!! Call NOW!!! In Case you forgot, it is 866-846-4901.
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