Friday, January 15, 2010

The 401k NO Brainer by Neil Cavuto

I am amazed by the so called "experts" that endorse a LOSING Strategy. They endorse this losing strategy with such vigor! While I do not dislike Neil Cavuto, he is wrong in his position with the 401k plan. Neil Cavuto does NOT allow Garrett to defend his position, he also talks OVER Garrett with so MANY fallacies it is ridiculous. 401k plan is NOT a NO-brainer, regardless if your employer is matching. Its not a forced savings, and you are not guaranteed a return when investing in the market. Yes the averages can made to be any number based on the time line of the average. How does Neil know when the person is going to retire? Can he place his claims in writing and guarantee the returns? What products can be purchased to protect the consumer against downside risk? All they can say is that, "The market has averaged X over the last 40 years, so THEREFORE it will be there when you retire." This statement is such BS.

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