Thursday, January 28, 2010

Watching the Circus in DC

There is a saying "If you leave the clowns in charge don't be surprised if a circus breaks out". I don't remember who said this, but this describes our government officials in Washington D.C. As I listen to our President discuss the State of the Union to Congress, I just cant help but think why so many people are expecting ONE man to save them from financial ruin or hardship. It is too much pressure on one man to bear. He is at the end of the day, ONE man. He has NO Legal authority to provide all these things for us, as we sit back like children awaiting the next goodie or handout.
We must increase our financial IQ by taking Robert Kioysaki's advice and "Minding our Own Business". What does that mean? Does it mean that we just turn our backs on others? It simply means that we must FIRST take control of our lives by accepting responsibility for our actions.We do this by increasing our Financial IQ.
My daughter goes to the public library several times a week to study. When I pick her up, I am amazed the wealth of knowledge that is at our fingertips. This knowledge is FREE! Most of us NEVER use it! We prefer to watch a sporting event, see who will be the next Reality Show star, etc. None of these activities place money in our pockets. When we hit a financial brick wall, we seek the assistance of the Govt.
There are so many books that can increase your financial IQ, why not start today. Its better to invest in yourself and your children, as compared to waiting on pins and needles on President Obama and the 3 ring circus masters(Congress) to provide you wealth. It may provide lots of emotion, but it provides nothing but financial co dependence.
Start this process by going to the bookstore or the library, Read books like "Richest Man in Babylon" or "Rich Dad/Poor Dad". I am so thankful that my Parents and Grandparents instilled that seed in me at a early age. I know that many kids or people don't have that chance, but I will do my best to touch and educate as many people as possible. We have to educate ourselves in financial matters. Our lives as US citizens depend on it.
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