Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Happened?? Pt1

In my line of work, I talk to many people about their jobs, careers, goals, dreams, etc. Many people think a dream is to have a "Good Job". What is that? Is there such a thing? People are now trading Freedom for Security, especially in this country. It is a shame since many of our ancestors were KILLED or struggled to get to this country and make a life for themselves. We live in the most prosperous time in the history of mankind, but yet the average person is seeking a safe secure job. The other option that people speak on is to have a Government program to act as a Safety net in case "Bad Luck" strikes.
Let's look at Social Security as an example. Social Security acts as a sort of "retirement benefit" that will pay an certain amount at retirement age. The total tax taken is approximately 13%. You will have this "Tax" taken from your check each pay period, but it is placed into a Trust fund. This fund is separate from the general funds. The problem is that the Govt owns and controls the cash. The money is not invested, but is used to pay current benefit recipients. I can show people how to take that extra 13% and come out way ahead then leaving with the "safety net" program of Social Security, without all the risk! Its out of FEAR and LIES that this program has maintained its prominence in American history. It produces NO Wealth, it produces co-dependence. Why not allow folks to take the 13% and use it for themselves? The true meaning of Capitalism is when the INDIVIDUAL maintains and OWNS his capital. The State or Govt's job is to protect this Capital for invaders: Foreign and Domestic.
If the system allowed us to invest the 13% difference into our savings or investment program, what would be the results then?
The next blog entry I will show how saving or investing the 13% from SSI can benefit the individual greater than giving it away to the Government for them to squander and lose. Learn MORE about building wealth by contacting me directly or send me an email! I would love to hear from you!

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