Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making these 5 mistakes is costly..

Are you frustrated with your 401k type plan? Even if you are doing well inside of it, you may not know how long it will work for you at retirement. Just because it doing well now, does not mean it that translates into success after 59 1/2.
This article "The top 5 Financial Mistakes Business Owners make and How to Avoid them"I would submit to you that making these 5 mistakes can be costly. What are these 5 mistakes? Well, most people are making these mistakes currently in regards to retirement planning. I will not steal any thunder from Ms. Pamela Yellen, but this is very valuable information! If you are a business owner or not one, this article is an excellent read!
These mistakes can be very costly and you may find yourself being short with many different needs at retirement.

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