Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is your Plan?

Dear Reader

Ok I have more than one quote for the week. Guilty as charged. I will change it to quote of the day or "important quote". This quote spawned this short note to my reader.

"People are beginning to realize that the apparatus of government is costly. But what they do not know is that the burden falls inevitably on them."~Frederic Bastiat

That burden typically falls on the citizens viz a viz taxation. What is your plan to mitigate this large expense?

Most people think just a job and a 401k plan with the strategy of dollar cost averaging is going to be enough. As baby boomers are approaching retirement age, we are seeing a world in great flux. The vicissitudes of the market are impacting the retirement dreams of many Americans. Do you have a plan "B"? Is your plan "A" sound and does it provide risk management strategies? Or is it based on the whims of the political changes and volatility of the market? These questions must be asked and a proper plan must be in place today to deal with this issues.



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