Monday, September 26, 2011

Pension Funds taking a Hit..Dang!

In this shocking piece from the Wall Street Journal, the article discusses how pension funds are taking a hit from the vicissitudes of the economy.  For many investors, they are not as experienced in the world of investing as compared to most Pension Fund managers. This begs the question: If the Pension Fund managers are struggling, how is the average investor doing?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Taxes and the Effects of your Retirement Cash

The traditional advice is to buy inexpensive life insurance, and invest in your 401k plan. The rationale behind this methodology is to cut costs in the insurance, and transfer that cost as a potential benefit into one's 401k plan. Next, the 401k plan allows one to save money on their tax liability on the front side during the contribution years. What happens after 59 1/2? How are taxes handled at that point? In this video, Doug Andrew discusses the effects of Taxes on your 401k plan after 59 1/2. The information is shocking and revealing.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Federal Reserve:The US Economy's Life Support?

I just stumbled onto an interesting article from titled discussing the Dow dropped 400 points. Investors around the world are concerned about another recession. For your retirement planning; are you planning for downside risks in your 401k? What is your plan to mitigate these issues?

Obama has a Plan, but What is Yours?

In this article, "Obama Debt Plan May Hit Your Retirement", it lays out the proposed plan that the Federal Govt may  either raise taxes or cut benefits for Medicare. This  potential action prompts questions for Baby Boomers. How will these cuts impact the current benefits? What taxes will be impacted? How does this impact your retirement planning?

Most are waiting for the election of 2012 to see how Mr. President Obama, Presidential Candidates, Congress, and others will debate this issue. Proactive people should be looking for alternatives to deal with the strong possibility of increased taxation on their hard earned retirement funds.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Federal Reserve:The Banker's Bank is helping You, really?

Here is something that could not be overlooked. According to the Associated Press' article, "Fed to shift $400B in holdings to boost economy", The Banker's Bank is purchasing $400,000,000,000 in US Treasury securities. How does this impact your holdings in your 401k plan? Who is in control of your hard earned cash?

All Smiles when the Market is in the Toilet

Are you smiling when the stock market crashes? Or do you feel overwhelmed when it drops in your retirement account.In this article, Pamela Yellen discusses about a Corporate Accountant who smiles when the stock market crashes! Why does he smile? Read to find out!

Ponzi Scheme or Insurance Program

The Social Security debate is on. People have chosen sides. When people hear words such as Ponzi or pyramid, it develops negative images in one's mind. The Cato Institute provides their insight into the debate, in this article titled, "Yes, It is a Ponzi Scheme". More importantly, Cato discusses the huge deficit facing the funding of the program. Currently, the funding of Social Security is through payroll taxes. With a gargantuan deficit, can one assume that the benevolent folks in Washington DC will find different ways to collect to cover the short fall of Social Security? The most important question: How does this impact your retirement plan?