Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dollar is strong..against the weak Euro: Spain is next

Please do not get excited because someone states, "The US Dollar is strong". Yes it is strong, against the Euro. In which is struggling right now.  The strength of the currency is relative and comparative to another country's currency.

Now the Spanish are beginning to strike:

The Germans will be key to this deal. Of course, they one of the productive nations in the Euro Zone. I agree with the German Chancellor, the bailouts are NOT enough. In my opinion, people must produce, save, invest..repeat process:

If the dollar is so strong, why is Gold and other commodities continuing to stay strong?? If the currencies are so strong, why are the Central Banks attempting to purchase MORE Gold?

Professor Ben Bernanke does not stop the rise in Gold, Gas, and Oil Prices with his loose monetary policy. Let us not forget Palladium too..

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