Thursday, March 29, 2012

Euro Zone Update:Greece, Spain and Italy

Greece, Spain and Italy are continuing in their attempts to shake the shackles of their fiscal problems. Mounting debt, lower credit ratings, bailouts, etc. Here are the current unemployment numbers:

Spain: 23%
Italy: 9.2%
Greece: 20.7%

What is the lesson? Wealth comes from production. Increased Economic savings will yield more investment which will fuel production and growth. These nations have embraced a concept of borrowing and egregious levels of Government spending. Nations that have egregious levels of Government spending crowd out capital as witnessed in these aforementioned countries.

"The Private Sector has been Destroyed"

A article discussing the the possibility of Spain Debt Restructuring:

This article discusses the unemployment rates of the youths in Greece:

Greece may have to restructure its debt again:

Is Italy on the upswing? Are they out of the woods? Here is an article discussing the sell off of Bonds:

The United States is walking down a similar path as these countries. Who will bail us out if this happens to us? Tough decisions need to be made, and it can be fixed.

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