Monday, October 29, 2012

0-4 at Bat on the Major Economic Issues

Mr. Kevin M. Warsh from the Hoover Institute discusses the issues surrounding the Fed,2012 Presidential election, and the future of the economy, with an interview here with Larry Kudlow. He also details four major issues that currently are a hindrance to economic growth: Trade Policy, Regulatory Policy, Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy. Currently, in his opinion, the US Government is batting 0-4 on these issues. These issues are key for an economic recovery, and batting 0-4 and placing all the burden on the Fed for improving the economy is not a winning proposition. Mr. Warsh also makes the case that The Fed Chairman regardless of the influence of the President of the United States, the Chairman will still need to seek the votes of the other Fed Governors to move forward on Monetary Policy.

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