Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Solar System is a Vortex? Why is this important?

This video will support the notion that life is not about a circular models, but more about a vortex or a helix. The famous poet, William Butler Yeats, made references to the grye, spiral or vortex as it relates to consciousness in many of his works. At any rate, this video is pretty amazing!

Financial Planning not a Priority for Most Americans?

According to a study done by Allianz Life Insurance Company, Financial Planning is not a high priority for most Americans. Here is a key excerpt from the article the goes into greater detail:

"Eighty-four percent of Americans will not include financial planning in their New Year’s resolutions, according to a new survey by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America.  The lack of financial focus is the highest it has been since Allianz founded its New Year’s Resolution survey in 2009."

The ability to save and accumulate capital is vital to a productive society. How is this possible if people are not planning their finances accordingly?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Raising Taxes: Does it work? Ask folks in the Euro Zone

Economist John Cochrane opines on if raising marginal income tax rates will do the trick here in the US. Most of the discussion surrounding the "Fiscal Cliff" is about raising marginal income tax rates. Will this be the solution? His advice: Run the experiment to see if it has worked. Oh, and Europe is running the experiment for us. Now, Mr. Cochrane has the results here in his article, "Experimental evidence on the effect of taxes"

Dr. Thomas Sowell-Taxing the Poor(with Inflation)

Dr. Thomas Sowell. raises the issue about taxes on the poor. One of the largest taxes on the poor is inflation.  In this article, "Taxing the Poor", Dr. Sowell opines on the matter. Here is a excerpt of the article: 

"One of the biggest, and one of the oldest, taxes in this latter sense is inflation. Governments have stolen their people's resources this way, not just for centuries, but for thousands of years.

Hyperinflation can take virtually your entire life's savings, without the government having to bother raising the official tax rate at all. The Weimar Republic in Germany in the 1920s had thousands of printing presses turning out vast amounts of money, which the government could then spend to pay for whatever it wanted to pay for."

Super Bowls equals an Economic Boom? Or is it a Bust?

Many people believe in the notion of having a Super Bowl in their city will be an economic boom. Is this actually the case? In this article, "Super Bowl L", it addresses some of the myths surrounding the revenue generation of sporting events such as the Super Bowl.  While many will promote and sell the projected revenue generated it is a rarity that people are advised of the cost. For example, here is a key excerpt from the article referencing this:

"To claim an economic windfall based on visitor numbers without factoring in those who avoid the area or are pushed out "is like going to the hen-house, counting all the foxes, and saying 'Look at the economic impact of all these foxes here eating!' Porter says. 'You're not counting all the hens who are gone.' "

City political leaders love to cite how much taxable revenue will be brought into the city thanks to these events. What about the costs? For example, what are the sunk costs for hosting a Super Bowl or Olympiad? Are these costs ever recouped?  How does this impact the economy over the long haul after the events are finished?  Much more research must be done to address the answers of these questions.

Bernanke Loosens Up? What does that mean?

Here is the latest from Dr. Frank Shostak on Ben Bernanke and his stance on current moves by the Federal Reserve regarding monetary policy.  The article is titled, "Bernanke Loosens Up". A key excerpt:

"On Wednesday December 12, 2012 Fed policy makers announced that they will boost their main stimulus tool by adding $45 billion of monthly Treasury purchases to an existing program to buy $40 billion of mortgage debt a month.

This decision is likely to boost the Fed’s balance sheet from the present $2.86 trillion to $4 trillion by the end of next year. Policy makers also announced that an almost zero interest rate policy will stay intact as long as the unemployment rate is above 6.5% and the rate of inflation doesn’t exceed the 2.5% figure."

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RIP Zig Ziglar

This is a wonderful tribute to a marvelous and amazing man. Zig Ziglar's wisdom influenced millions. His message influenced Salespersons, students, housewives, well almost everyone. RIP Zig Zigar, and I will see you at the TOP!