Friday, February 22, 2013

The Target of the Next Robbery: Your Retirement Plan

"Wherever wealth is accumulated someone will be there to try and steal it"~R. Nelson Nash

There are talks in Congress with regards to making some major changes to the qualified retirement accounts.  Talks are of course just that, but there are discussions about the Government possibility of  taking over these qualified accounts. This information may not be accurate, but what is the likelihood that this could happen? It may not happen, but with the Government's increasing debt load, expanding welfare state with Obamacare, Social Security's financial shortfall, Medicare deficits, and the like, these changes are on the table for consideration.  Just food for thought as one reads this article by the American Thinker titled, "The Feds Want Your Retirement Accounts"  

In the meantime, how does this play out if you are one placing money into these retirement accounts? What kind of control to you have over these accounts? Do you feel that this money is still your private property, or is it subject the Federal Government's control?

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