Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Militarization of the Police

Here are some excellent reads that provide some different view points from the mainstream school of thought regarding the Police State.

This first article, Police States and Inner City Economics, addresses this issue and some of the issues that have caused the decline of the economics in the inner city areas. A key excerpt:

"The expansion of police prerorgatives has accelerated in recent decades, first with the “War on Drugs,” and then with the “War on Terrorism,” both of which have resulted in what we see today in the form of heavily militarized police forces, asset forfeiture, and an endless list of federal laws that bring long jail sentences, even when no criminal intent is proven."

The Second article, Police Militarization in Ferguson-and your Town, explores the issues surrounding on how the local police are funded to acquire military surplus equipment and the like. A key excerpt:

"Federal grants drive police militarization. In 2012, as I was able to establish in moments through an online search, St. Louis County (of which Ferguson is a part) got a Bearcat armored vehicle and other goodies this way. The practice can serve to dispose of military surplus (though I’m told the Bearcat is not military surplus, but typically purchased new) and it sometimes wins the gratitude of local governments, even if they are too strapped for cash to afford more ordinary civic supplies (and even if they are soon destined to be surprised by the high cost of maintaining gear intended for armed combat)."

Lastly, a peer reviewed paper titled, "Warrior Cops" addresses this issue. This paper was written in 1999, as it details how much military equipment was given to local law enforcement agencies during that time period.

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