Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ayn Rand - Racism

Collectivist thought and philosophy fecundates racism, since individual rights are eschewed. Collectivism, and its subsequent implementation by Govt fiat, creates a nefarious and surreptitious dynamic that erodes the morality in a culture and society.

The signs of this fact can be seen in all aspects of society: e.g arts, sciences, business, and etc.
At the core, collectivist thought presupposes that the rights of the individual are greater than the rights of the individual. Next, the rights of the individual can be taken by force - if the collective feels that those rights are useful for the "greater good". Justification of this immoral behavior by the collectivists can be supported in their twisted mind for a farrago of reasons. One of those reasons can be on the basis of race.

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