Financial Needs Analysis

All of us need to have a compass or a direction in our lives. This principle also holds true with regards to our personal finances. Performing a Financial Needs Analysis provides a comprehensive road map for individuals the following:

1. Identification: This addresses the current financial situation. Where are our assets? Are these assets working towards our goals? Do we even have goals? If so, what are they? What is our debt situation?

2. Game Plan: The Financial Needs Analysis maps out a game plan, projects out the amount of wealth that needs to be accumulated to meet those needs in the future.

3. Risks: The Financial Needs Analysis addresses the risks in planning for the future, and how to mitigate them along the way.

The Financial Needs Analysis is not a one time deal. Our lives are constantly changing, so this process must be reviewed on a regular basis.

To begin the process: We do an intake of the client's financial information. This data is complied, and we provide a complete comprehensive analysis, as this will be the financial compass for the client. It is highly detailed, as no stone is left un-turned. Here is a sample of the Financial Needs Analysis: