Consulting Services

List of Economic Consulting Services

  • Business Planning-Development of the foundation of any business is by having a definite direction and this direction must be expressed in a business plan. The purpose of this plan can be to obtain funding, attract more investors, or simply to act as a guide for the owner. We can also provide a detailed review of a current business plan. 
  • Financial Analysis-This is a useful service in the event someone is seeking to acquire an asset(i.e. a business, investment property, and the like). An analysis of the asset needs to be reviewed in great detail to see if the asset can fit the purchasers needs. Also, we can provide budgeting and forecasting for start up and existing firms. 
  • Economic Research/Analysis-This sort of analysis can be done in conjunction with the Business plan, Justification Report, or a Feasibility study. We will utilize econometric or statistical tools to provide precise analysis of the particular research project. For example, if one is developing a business model for a new venture, proper economic research can provide enough data to make a educated decision.
  • Economic policy Analysis-This may require independent research. This will utilize various empirical tools coupled with the knowledge of economic theory to complete the research project.  This will allow clients to see the economic impact of proposed policies.
  • Grant Compliance: Consults with upper management and/or executive team to ensure compliance with Federal Grant regulations.  Provides written justification reports to provide proper feedback and direction with regards to Grant Compliance. Integrates the recommendations into regular operational procedures. 
  • Wealth Accumulation- Implementation of strategies and tactics that allow maximizing growth of wealth, while mitigating any downside risks.
  • Retirement Planning –The objective: to show individuals how to obtain a tax free retirement plan while growing wealth in a Tax free environment. Retirement planning is just not income, but having the leverage to cover other potential demands and needs at retirement. This service extends to Business owners and corporations setting up bonus or retirement packages for their executives/officers.
  • Wealth Transfer- Development of strategies that minimizes or eliminates the large expense of Estate Taxes or the expenses of Probate. In many cases, the assets can be transferred 100% Free from Estate or Income tax to the heirs.
  • Asset Protection and Risk Management- Services for people that have been impacted by losses in Stock Market, Real Estate, etc. Implementations of strategies that will help provide a solid foundation to re-chart a new course for financial freedom. 
  • Debt Management – We can show how people how they can achieve a debt free status, and increase their wealth simultaneously with efficient wealth accumulation tactics. In the process of growing their wealth, the current principle is protected against downside market risk.
  • College Planning- Our team can implement college planning strategies that can grow tax free, and without any market risk.
  • Credit Rebuild Services-Many clients are paying higher rates on loans, credit cards, thus resulting in cash flow issues, as the interest rates eat into the monthly cash flow. Utilizing our credit rebuild services, are clients are seeing major improvement in 90-120 days. We show clients how to turbo charge their credit to acquire income producing assets, to help them get out of debt. 
  • Business Succession Planning-Business Owners must have a strategy in place to help deal with passing down the business to a family member or business partner, or etc. We can implement various strategies to help make this process much smoother and less costly. 
  • Estate Planning-For individuals who have accumulated a nest egg: This service is valuable to protect them against the impending tax liability. We provide services to individuals to help offset, and in some cases, reduce or avoid estate taxation. 
  • Tax Planning Services-We recognize one of the largest expenses during a working person’s lifetime is taxes. Hence, having a solid tax strategy is paramount. Our team of professionals will customize a tax planning strategy for each client.
  • Cash Flow Strategies- Many Households struggle with cash flow issues, as they live paycheck to paycheck. With the guidance of our team of professionals, we can show how they can increase their cash flow, and redirect those monies into income producing assets. 
  • Financial Education-We believe the best investment is taking the time to expand the understanding of the world of Economics, Finance and Accounting. With our clients, we provide ongoing educational workshops, webinars, conference calls, and other learning platforms, to ensure our clients have the best eduction possible before acquiring assets or financial products. 

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