Client Feedback

“Mr. Robert Williams Jr. is a dynamic financial consultant. Mr. Williams has exceptional knowledge of the finanical industry, and has provided insight for business development and wealth building. I met Mr. Williams through a business contact, and was excited to learn of opportunities for wealth building. I found Mr. Williams willing to conduct financial services and education for persons not savvy to wealth building and long-term planning. Mr. Williams is highly personable with a desire to help people succeed at achieving their goals. His passion for wealth building is evidenced by his ability to network with his business partners assisting in helping others achieve their goals. I would highly recommend Mr. Robert Williams Jr. for any opportunity in business development, financial advising and consulting, corporate contracting, or seminar facilitation on wealth building. I consider Mr. Williams a friend and colleague."


Dr. Carlous Caple

“If you are looking for a trusted Financial Consultant, who is not only a knowledgeable and experienced professional, but also as a good friend who you can call and ask questions, either for business or personal reasons? -- I cannot think of anyone better than Robert Williams. Robert is definitely a "friend" you want to do business with the rest of your life, and you will sleep well at night knowing that he will take care of your financial issues thoroughly and diligently. Strongly recommend his services to my friends in my professional network and everyone.”

Dean Nguyen

“Robert is a personable businessman that delivered more than I ask, providing a level of service which put him at the top of my list of advisors. He gave me then and continues to serve me with top quality service.”
Melvin Collins

“I met Robert a year ago through his nation-wide webinar's on a subject near and dear to everyone's heart...creating financial independence and wealth for families. I am totally impressed with Robert's ethics, integrity, entrepreneurial spirit and his candor is refreshing. He is very giving, open and honest in his communication and delivery on any subject matter. I attend as many of his presentations as possible because I know that I will always learn something new. Robert has a natural way of keeping things real and does not over or under play the facts. I know that Robert will continue striving for success for himself and others. Kindest regards and good luck Robert!"

Alice Mezias

“Robert's extensive background in Insurance and Financial Products has made him the top referral for anyone seeking advice on insurance and/or financial matters. The products recommended by Robert, not only gave me satisfaction knowing my future would be secure but also saving the most money as possible, which is very important for an entrepreneur.”

Cedric Williams

“Robert Williams has been a great asset my business and personal endeavors. He has been one that donated time to my better understanding of visions and full explanation of services rendered. One more word to describe is "ethical" which in my book is the best attribute one can possess. I would recommend Robert for any aspect of personal, financial, and corporation growth.”

Brian Purnell

Robert is a highly talented professional with an extensive knowledge on the entire financial services industry. I feel that my own skill set has been improved as a direct result of working with Robert and would strongly recommened him for any advice on how to handle money as he really knows the "Real Secrets of Money" . Robert will show you how to bank like a bank of the bank.

Jonah Chelimo